Stress Less with The Mommy Academy!

Are you currently expecting or a new mommy? We know that babies do not come with instruction manuals, which is why we want to help you navigate your child's first year of life with more ease.


The Mommy Academy is pediatrician-led and designed to address over 40 topics, from feeding and sleeping to common health issues and general care. Valued at $79, we're offering it ALL OCTOBER for only $49!

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The Mommy Academy Video Topics Include:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding tips and when to call your doctor
  • Underproducing/ Overproducing milk
  • Engorgement/ Mastitis/ Sore Nipples
  • Pumping and how to store it
  • Reasons why you might have to give your baby formula
  • Safest way to mix formula
  • When and how to introduce solids
  • Growth Charts
  • Diaper Rash
  • Constipation
  • Eczema
  • Use of Sign Language
  • Care of Private Parts
  • When is is safe to do ear piercing
  • Teething
  • Thrush
  • Vitamins needed
  • Washing baby clothes
  • Fever
  • Sunblock and Bug spray
  • Gripe water vs Gas drops
  • Reflux
  • Pacifier use
  • Flat head and helmets
  • and more!

Get Access to Sleep and Feeding Tips...

Some of the most trying moments in the first few months revolve around sleep and eating struggles. Instead of always having to wait until your next pediatric appointment to discuss sleeping or feedings problems, The Mommy Academy will address these issues and what you can do to ensure that both mommy and baby are well-rested and eating well. 

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From Dr. Kathrym España... 

As a Pediatrician, I constantly see how being a first time parent might bring some anxiety. This course tackles the most common questions and fears of first time moms regarding the first year of life and is meant to given moms the tools and knowledge to decrease that anxiety. 

It is everything your pediatrician would love to share with you but unfortunately most do not have the time. Join me as I deep dive on several of the hot topics that new moms face in the first year and look forward to feeling more confident in tackling your journey as a momma!

Feeding 101

From breastfeeding tips for mom to formula use and introducing solids, we'll give you great tips to help with nursing and feeding your little one as a newborn through age one.

Common Health Issues

Many babies experience issues such as reflux, baby acne and cradle cap in the first year. In the Mommy Academy, we'll address these common health issues and what you can do for them.

General Baby Care

Learn about proper vitamin supplementation, pacifier use, how to prevent and manage diaper rash, sign language and much more in our general care videos for your baby.

Enter Motherhood With More Ease!

Enjoy more time with your bundle of joy and less time worrying with the help of Dr. España. The Mommy Academy can save you the time of researching and the cost of doctor trips by addressing the simple, common health issues your baby may experience in his first year. 

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"The Mommy Academy helped our family tremendously, especially in the first few months of our son's life. A huge thank you to Dr. España for sharing her vast wealth of knowledge - she's a life saver! "

Kendall B.